Saturday, December 7, 2019

The End of our reliance on Blue Bird

This might be the last post on the Blue Bird Bed Bug Blog.

The Easy Trench Bed Edger spent time in the shop this summer after the main shaft broke. Other than a few belt changes, the Easy Trench had four years of rental customer abuse before the blade shaft failure. Last year I sold my last remaining Bed Bug I was keeping around as a back-up. With the EZ trench reliability, we saw no need to maintain a back-up machine.

I am disappointed that none of the last three owners of Blue Bird addressed my complaints or were willing to discuss my recommended fixes.

At one point, I had 4 Blue Bird Aerators in rental. I had updated all four Aerators to address drive reliability issues. About ten years ago, I purchased a Billy Goat Aerator to replace my oldest Blue Bird. The Billy Goat has been the first aerator in the rental line since new. It has been so reliable that we were able to reduce our rental inventory to just two aerators.

I have passed the address of this blog to rental peers looking to purchase lawn equipment. I am sure Blue Bird’s arrogance has cost them many sales.

Its too bad Blue Bird came so close to making a rental quality tool.

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