Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Husqvarna Blue Bird Bed Bug Damage report 6/19/2013

Husqvarna Blue Bird Damage report 6/19/2013
Yesterday we lost the second blade in the last 4 weeks.  By the almost new condition of the paint and Carbide tips I assume it has been rented no more than 4 times.

The Pictures show 1 carbide tooth completely torn off; a second Tooth has lost two thirds of its support and has bent backwards. A third area of damage is on the backside of the blade.

Once a tooth is torn off the vibration takes its toll on the rest of the machine.  Two of the 3 thumb screws that hold the Safety Cover had vibrated loose, and there was a complete failure of the outboard bearing support.

The picture without yellow paint was taken to show the almost new condition of the blade. The picture shows a small crack I missed in my first inspection. Further inspection revealed another crack.

Cost of this Failure is a Shaper Blade $200.00 Bearing Support $26.00 2 Thumb Screws $1.50 each and an hour of labor at $65.00.  Total cost of repair $294.00

Monday, June 17, 2013

Last week out of the Blue I received a phone call from the Company the Manufactures Blades for Husqvarna Blue Bird.  They had a new design for the Dog Fence Blade they were sending me to try.

A few years ago I had met with the Company President.  He contends that his hands are tied because they build Blades to Blue Bird Specifications.  Until Bluebird engineers redesigned the Blades he was powerless to make changes on his own.