Friday, October 11, 2013

Husqvarna Blue Bird Beg Bug Blade Failure 10 2013

There has been 2 rentals since the last blade failure on this machine. On return our post rental inspection reviled one broken Tooth and one cracked tooth. It was evident that the customer continued to operate the Machine with an out of balance blade.

Other issues found was one broken bolt and one loose bolt on the inside bearing support. Set Screws on the Blade Hub, Both Bearings and the driven Sprocket were loose or missing. Also missing was the bolt that holds the blade shaft onto the outside bearing. The Vibration also destroyed the stamped Tin Idler Sprocket, the damaged idler also destroyed the chain.

Cost of Repair Blade $200.00
Heavy Duty Tractor Supply Idler Sprocket $19.95
Chain and connector Link $8.00
Labor $60.00
Rental Income Gross $176.00
Repair Costs $288.00

Profit Loss - $112.00