Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bed Bug update July 17 2013

Bed Bug update July 17 2013
Earlier this week we needed to repair an outside bearing on the rotor shaft.  With the sloppy tolerances bearings loosen up.  We placed an order for more Bed Edger Blades only to learn that they are out of Stock.  Ship date is July 31 however Husqvarna rarely ship’s on time.  I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Husqvarna Blue Bird Bed Bug Damage report 7 10 2013.

It’s been a blade a month on the Husqvarna Shaper Blade this Season.  Yesterday was the 3rd Rental on a blade that was replaced in June.  One Carbide tip just broke off, by the damage to the remaining stub the tip more then likely was improperly welded and the tip was brittle and snapped the first time it was used.

The damage to the center tooth is very evident.  Fortunately the tip remained on the blade.  When the tips do come off the blade is out of Balance and the Vibration will destroy the outside Bearing Support. There is always a Safety factor when Blades come apart.

Shaper Blade $200.00 labor and documentation $25.00.  Rental Income $255.00.

It cost me more to keep the Bed Bug Maintained is equal to its Gross profit.  Figure in purchasing the Machine, Insurance and other overhead costs the Husqvarna Blue Bird Bed Bug is a looser.  Yet Husqvarna’s Jody Kerr still denies that there is a problem.

The new style Dog Fence blade that was provided by the Blade Manufacture has not been Rented yet.