Friday, February 23, 2018

The reason I haven’t posted in a while is that I haven’t rented the Bed Bug as a Bed Edger since the Trenchmaster Bed edger has been working so well. The early belt failures on the Trenchmaster must have been operator issues since we had no belt failures during 2017. We did replace the Trenchmasters belts during a scheduled maintenance.

We purchased a new underground dog fence machine. We purchased the Brown Machine. We have had good luck with other Brown equipment and if this new fence machine works I will unload my last Blue Bird Bed Bug.

I didn’t stop into the Blue Bird Booth at the 2018 Rental Show. When I visited during the 2017 Rental Show the owner just ignored me. I could have been his best friend by helping him improve reliability and safety. Instead, this Blog is still his worst enemy. 

I broke a cutter wheel on my older Blue Bird Stump Grinder. The $400 wheel was less than a year old. It was clear that an improper hub weld crystalized the shaft. This was the last straw for that machine. We kept the engine and a few parts and scrapped the rest. 

Since I updated the sprockets on our Aerators the reliability has improved. I sold 1 and scrapped the second Blue Bird Sod Cutters. Our Classen sod cutter is so much more reliable I was able to replace 2 Blue Birds with one Classen Hydro. 

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