Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9 2014
A few weeks ago I went to the Rental Show and introduced myself to the new owners of Blue Bird.  Seems Husqvarna sold off the Blue Bird division.  Husqvarna has been buying up companies over the last 10 years I would demand to see a Car Fax before I would buy a division from Husqvarna.

Imagine driving off with a shiny used car and arriving home to learn it has problems.  I imagine this is how the new owners felt when I was done giving a presentation of all the Bed Bug issues.  I left behind a printed copy of my Blog and some enlarged pictures of broken parts.  

From Blue Bird I went to Honda engine booth with my pictures of melted clutch dipsticks.  The Honda people were concerned that the overheated clutches on the Bed Bug might be an issue.  The Honda people promised to look into the application to see what is melting a part in only one specific application.

From Blue Bird I wandered the show floor looking to purchase a replacement for the Bed Bug I sold last summer.  Particularly I was looking for a Bed Edging machine that I looked at last year called “E Z Trench”.  In talking with the Easy Trench rep he had seen my Blog and had passed it on.  I did purchase one of the E Z Trench Bed Edger’s.  The “Easy Trench” sales rep wanted to be included in my Blog.  (I am not sure that will be a good thing but if you believe in your product you have nothing to lose.)

I won’t get the machine for a few weeks but this is a picture.  

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